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                            Here this is the Brand of Human Moral Rights

In the year of 1794 slavery was abolished by "The Revolutionary France" who were very discontented with the harshness in which the African slaves were being afflicted with by the hands of the French empire, but by by the hands of Napoleon slavery was restored in France in the year of 1802. By time of 1848 Slavery was re-abolished in French colonies with a general and unconditional emancipation.

During times of slavery in Saint Domingue Toussaint L'Ouverture emerged as their leader and defeated the French and the British in the year of 1793 as the British forces attempted to invade Saint Domingue to reinstate slavery to the African born now called Haitians. 

The moral of this topic is we all are here as one race and many different nationalities. Not one is stronger than the other . There is no need to enslave a nation because of their ethnicity. WE are different shades of color because of the elements our bodies are made of so that we can survive in climates of the earth. some of us have melanin to protect ourselves from different rays of the sun , and some of us have the sulfur to resist from the harshness of the cold weather. 

This here Brand is to build moral equality and peace by way of Fashion in which it'll be

                                            "FASHIONABLE FOR YOU"

                                                       Truly Yours


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